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30 années d'expérience auprès de maisons d'édition tant françaises qu'étrangères nous permettent de remplir auprès de nos clients un certain nombre de missions, adaptées à leur taille et à leurs besoins.

Agence de cession de droits, nous représentons des éditeurs canadiens francophones qui publient des ouvrages de fiction et non-fiction dans les domaines ci-dessous : 

We have been working with french and foreign publishing houses for 30 years.

A link between publishers to bring books on the markets, all around the world !

Foreign Rights Agency, we represent french canadian publishers of fiction and non-fiction books in the following topics :

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Tél. 33 (0)5 45 85 79 00

@ : [email protected]


  • Astrologie
  • Développement personnel
  • Ecologie
  • Education
  • Esotérisme
  • Famille
  • Jeunesse
  • Médecines douces
  • Motivation
  • Parapsychologie
  • Psychologie
  • Santé
  • Spiritualité.


  • Astrology
  • Self Help
  • Ecology
  • Education
  • Esoterism
  • Family
  • Youth
  • Alternatives medecines
  • Motivation
  • Parenting
  • Psychology
  • Health
  • Spirituality

Editeurs représentés - Publishers represented


Editions de Mortagne (Montréal/Canada - 1978)

Motivation, esotericism, psychology, alternative medicine, health, self-help, mind, body and spirit, eroticism, ecology, well-being, parenting...

Editions du CHU Sainte-Justine(Montréal/Canada 1998)

The editorial department from the university hospital Sainte-Justine Mother/Child from Montreal publishes books for parents which cover all subjects regarding children and teenagers.

  Editions Le Dauphin Blanc (Canada - 1991)

Self-help, health, mind, body and spirit, spirituality, family.

 Editions du CRAM (Canada)

Self-help, health, psychology,sexuality, family, education,


Editions Midi-Trente (Canada)

Pedagogy, psychologie, health, family, education, parenting,

Books for adults, children, YA


Editions de l'Isatis (Montréal/Canada)

A young and dynamic publishing house for Youth which likes to help young readers, through illustrated books, to know more about their body, their environment, the immediate world in which they

live, the world's history...


« Bayard Canada is the leading publisher of children’s magazines and books in Canada. We publish for all ages, in English and French, on a number of topics: science, nature, humour, faith, spirituality, and more. Bayard Canada is committed to helping our readers – young and old – explore and understand the world around them by publishing books that encourage imagination and reflection. »

12 titles available now and 30 coming soon !

We consider reading a key element of growth for children. Strong stories, ambitious illustrations and the noble ideal of creating readers : this is what D’eux stands for.

As for our authors and our illustrators, we admire them so much that we adopted them! Together, we are a family. Together, we create essential, funny, moving or pretty serious books. Together, we make thought-provoking books, that demand rereading; books to give, books to lend.

Hoping that you too will adopt them. And us…